OneDrive will soon support music storage, stream stored music using Xbox app

Posted 3 days ago ago at Neowin with 2 recent echos

Microsoft announced today that the company selling its MixRadio music service to LINE but the company is about to make some serious improvements to its Xbox Music service and it comes with help from OneDrive. We have been hearing and seeing evidence that OneDrive was going to soon support music storage and Neowin has been tipped by a reliable source about the plans for the service. An upcoming update to both OneDrive and Xbox Music will make it possible to store your music in OneDrive and access...

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Announcing General Availability of Mobile Offline Sync

Posted 2 days ago ago at ASP.NET Team with 1 recent echos

When writing modern mobile apps, developers have to consider the reality that end users may not always have network access. This can be due to a transient network issue, or it could be a mobile app thats often used in remote areas with little connectivity. Also, sometimes mobile data plans can be very expensive, so users appreciate apps that limit their network calls. However, many apps dont work offline, because of the challenges of implementing correct sync behavior. Fortunately, Azure Mobile...

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Microsoft sues fake tech support service, warns of holiday scams

Posted 2 days ago ago at GigaOM with 1 recent echos

Microsoft filed a lawsuit on Thursday against a bogus tech support service that allegedly used the companys name to persuade victims, many of them seniors, to pay hundreds of dollars for worthless advice or even viruses. According to a complaint filed in Los Angeles, an outfit doing business under names like OmniTech Support and TechSupport Pro tricked people into signing up for support through fake web ads and using technicians who claimed to work for Microsoft. The complaint describes how...

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Microsoft's former Internet Explorer chief has left the company

Posted 2 days ago ago at The Verge with 1 recent echos

Hachamovitch joined Microsoft Internet Explorer team as its general manager in 2003. IE was riding high at the time, having put the nail in Netscape coffin, but the success meant that Microsoft browser suffered from a lack of active development during the period. Three years later in 2006, as Microsoft browser was losing ground to competitors such as Mozilla Firefox, Hachamovitch publicly took the blame for IE failings. We messed up, he said at a Microsoft conference. As committed as we aret to...

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Countdown to 2015 Daily Deal – Day 4

Posted 2 days ago ago at Microsoft Major Nelson with 1 recent echos

Today’s daily deal is for Murdered: Soul Suspect, a dark, supernatural detective thriller with a unique gameplay twist: solving your own murder […] The post Countdown to 2015 Daily Deal – Day 4 appeared first on Xbox Live's Major Nelson.

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Microsoft flips 'Switch' campaign to help new Surface Pro 3 buyers leave MacBooks behind

Posted 1 day ago ago at Microsoft Report with 1 recent echos

This weekend, Microsoft debuted a new website aimed at Surface Pro 3 users who are making the switch from MacBooks. The site, which is accessible via the URL switch, plays it straight, without any of the competitive taunting in the company TV ads. The how to modules explain some basics for new Windows 8.1 users, with step by step instructions for moving pictures, documents, downloads, and music from Apple universe into Surface land. There also a section for those who switched to...

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Microsoft announces even more killer Black Friday deals

Posted 31 days ago ago at Boy Genius Report with 1 recent echos

Microsoft detailed its first round of Black Friday 2014 deals last week, and we shared them with you when they were announced. The company is hitting gamers hard this year with shockingly affordable Xbox One bundles that will start at just $329 for an Xbox One console and Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Microsoft has plenty of other killer deals planned for Black Friday, of course, and the company just announced some new ones on Thursday. MORE BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: Visit our Black Friday 2014 hub!...

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Microsoft's 'Arcadia' team is building a streaming app and game service

Posted 5 days ago ago at All About Microsoft with 1 recent echos

As Microsoft officials themselves have said, as Windows moves forward, Microsoft is looking at services connected to the operating system to monetize it. Some of those services are available today, such as OneDrive, Xbox Live and Office 365. But there are more to come. And one of those is something codenamed Arcadia. Arcadia, according to my sources, is the technology being developed by a new streaming team in Microsoft Operating Systems Group. The Arcadia technology replaces the discontinued...

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