Microsoft announces 'Windows 9' event in San Francisco on September 30th

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Microsoft is expected to deliver a Windows Technical Preview at the event or soon after so that developers and enterprise customers can evaluate a number of changes the company is making. Screenshots and videos of the Windows Technical Preview have leaked over the past week, revealing the addition of a new Start menu, a virtual desktops feature, and a Notification Center. Microsoft also appears to be tweaking its desktop user interface to improve and flatten the traditional icons, alongside some...

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Official handset image shows new Windows Phone with 'Windows' branding

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Earlier this week, details emerged on Microsoft plans to change some of the branding for its mobile devices. The Nokia brand is being phased out and will no longer be used on future handsets, but in a change that will affect Microsoft hardware partners as well, the Windows Phone brand is also being dropped. The changes come as Microsoft shifts its focus to a single Windows brand one Windows platform for all devices and form factors. Microsoft has not publicly announced or even acknowledged that...

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First Windows Phone spotted with new Windows branding

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Leaked documents revealed earlier this week that Microsoft is planning to kill off the Windows Phone brand this holiday season in favour of just Windows. Now a new handset from My Go appears to be one of the first to use the Windows logo instead of Windows Phone. Images available on My Go own website show a variety of Windows logos, and the Windows logo placement on the rear of the upcoming GoFone GF47W device. My Go plans to brand its devices as Windows follows a similar move by HTC with its...

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Surface 2 64GB out of stock on Microsoft's website, new model inbound?

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Microsoft Surface 2 has been on the market for nearly a year, it launched in October, which means that the technology inside the device is no longer the best on the block. More so, Microsoft has shown that they like to update their devices on an annual basis which means that the Surface 2 may be replaced soon by the Surface 3. If you head on over to Microsoft website, the Surface 2 with 64GB of storage is now out of stock. While it could be that there was a run on the devices and they sold...

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Windows 9: More evidence of Cortana shows up

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In mid July, Neowinbroke the news that Cortana will be coming to Windows 9, and thanks to a leak of a build of the upcomingoperating system, we can now see more evidence of the digital assistant. As seenin the image above, the folks over at German have found the resource files for Cortana. Unfortunately, as we have previously noted, this is a partner build of Windows 9 and, as such, some features are not enabled. Cortana is one of those features, along with Internet Explorer12,...

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Leaked Windows 9 screenshots reveal early version of Cortana for PC

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Microsoft is also bringing over a number of other Windows Phone features to Windows 9, including Storage Sense and Wi Fi Sense. Storage Sense is designed to collect information on what data is being stored by apps or the system to make it easier to prevent a hard drive filling up. Its not yet clear how Wi Fi Sense will be implemented in Windows 9, but the Windows Phone feature allows devices to automatically connect to Wi Fi access points that do not have a passcode associated with them....

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How the next version of IE, codenamed 'Spartan,' might support extensions

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My sources say that the codename for this next IE release is Spartan. One of my contacts caught a glimpse of a zSpartan app that can be seen in one of the leaked Threshold screen shots from ComputerBase and WinFuture. Ive embedded that screen shot in this post. zSpartan is visible in the list of programs on the Start Menu, just below the word Video. Before Microsoft went public about its Cortana personal digital assistant for Windows Phone, there also were similar sightings of a zCortana app....

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Leaked Windows 9 video shows new Notification Center in action

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Windows 8 debuted with a notification system to allow apps to generate brief alerts, but the operating system lacked a central Notification Center to collect and display them all. Microsoft appears to be planning to provide a Notification Center in Windows 9. WinFuture has published a new video of the feature in action, providing an early look at how the Notification Center will work. The functionality appears to be similar to the Windows Phone 8.1 Notification Center, with the ability to...

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