Buy once, play anywhere: First universal Windows apps hit Microsoft app stores

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Microsoft has rolled out the first universal apps for Windows and Windows Phone, allowing users to buy an app once and play it on phones, tablets and PCs. The first two paid apps to take advantage are Microsoft own Halo: Spartan Assault and 17 Bit Skulls of the Shogun. Both games cost $4.99 and can be purchased through either the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store,. Strangely, the games Windows Store listings give no indication that these are universal apps. But when you view their Windows...

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Ubuntu 14.04 will power “first commercially available Ubuntu tablets”

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Canonical today is releasing Ubuntu 14.04, a Long Term Support LTS edition for desktops and servers and an update to the versions of Ubuntu for phones and tablets. LTS editions are released once every two years and receive five years of support from Canonical and thus gain wider adoption in businesses than the less stable server and desktop editions that come out every six months. Canonical eventually wants to create a single operating system that can be installed across desktops, phones, and...

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Anticipating More from Cortana

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Most of us can only dream of having the perfect personal assistant, one who is always there when needed, anticipating our every request and unobtrusively organizing our lives. Cortana, the new digital personal assistant powered by Bing that comes with Windows Phone 8.1, brings users closer to that dream. For Larry Heck, a distinguished engineer in Microsoft Research, this first release offers a taste of what he has in mind. Over time, Heck wants Cortana to interact in an increasingly...

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WinJS on Windows Phone 8.1

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There were two big announcements involving Windows Library for JavaScript WinJS this year at build 2014. One revealed MS Open Technologys work to make WinJS cross platform and open source. Developers are now able to bring the personality of Windows apps to other browsers and devices. For more information, check out Maria Kangs post. The second highlighted the release of WinJS version 2.1. With Windows Phone 8.1, we are proud to announce that the WinJS is now available on Phone. WinJS 2.1 tailors...

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Windows Phone 8.1 now available on Windows Phone Preview for Developers

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The Windows Phone Preview program, introduced last October, gives our developer community access to prerelease builds of Windows Phone updates before the operating system updates are made generally available to consumers. We make these updates available to you to enable on device testing, and to enable you to build and test platform capabilities not present in the emulator. For the majority of developers, we know that it is critical for you to see your app running on a physical phone prior to...

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MSDN Voice Search app shows you how to integrate your app with Cortana

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Revenue from the ads helps us feed the over worked hampsters so we can keep bringing you the latest news! You can also donate to keep us going. The app is called MSDN Voice Search and lets you search MSDN with Cortana using Voice Commands. The app provides demonstrations on basic, voice enabled natural language search capabilities on MSDN, while also providing self referencing access to its source code, documentation, and other related resources. Once you have the app installed, ask MSDN, what...

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