Round two of Microsoft layoffs coming September 18: Sources

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Microsoft will continue with its planned layoffs of 18,000 with job cuts across nearly all divisions of the company with its second wave of cuts later this week. Follow @maryjofoley Microsoft cut 13,000 employees total in the first wave back in July. That wave included some, but not all, of the former Nokia employees, my contacts say. It also included employees in the Operating Systems Group and just about every other group across the company. Microsoft also is planning to reduce...

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Microsoft announces 'Windows 9' event in San Francisco on September 30th

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Microsoft is expected to deliver a Windows Technical Preview at the event or soon after so that developers and enterprise customers can evaluate a number of changes the company is making. Screenshots and videos of the Windows Technical Preview have leaked over the past week, revealing the addition of a new Start menu, a virtual desktops feature, and a Notification Center. Microsoft also appears to be tweaking its desktop user interface to improve and flatten the traditional icons, alongside some...

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Microsoft is busy preparing a Windows Technical Preview for later this month, but the software maker is also privately testing an Office Technical Preview for the next version of its popular Office suite. Sources familiar with Microsofts Office plans tell that the company has been distributing copies of a future version of Office to partners and testers recently, providing an early look at new features. While testing is in the early stages, we understand Microsoft is adding the Tell Me helper...

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Microsoft is looking to 'fundamentally change the way Windows is shipping'

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Near the end of Ballmer tenure as CEO, he introduced the rapid release cycle for products at Microsoft. No longer will the company go years before significantly updating its products;instead, itwill ship features as soon as they are ready. Nadella agrees with this and has been pushing his teams even harder to ship faster. Now,thanks to a new job posting on Microsoft website, Windows is about to undergo even faster changes. According to a job posting on Microsoft website, they are looking to...

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How the next version of IE, codenamed 'Spartan,' might support extensions

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My sources say that the codename for this next IE release is Spartan. One of my contacts caught a glimpse of a zSpartan app that can be seen in one of the leaked Threshold screen shots from ComputerBase and WinFuture. Ive embedded that screen shot in this post. zSpartan is visible in the list of programs on the Start Menu, just below the word Video. Before Microsoft went public about its Cortana personal digital assistant for Windows Phone, there also were similar sightings of a zCortana app....

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Windows 9 (Threshold): Welcome to Modern UI 2.0

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WinBeta can reveal that Windows Threshold will include an updated Modern UI when it launches in 2015. The new Modern UI is set to include a whole bunch of new features which is aimed to align it with competing tablet operating systems like iOS and Android. The Modern UI being the Start Screen and related apps will be front and center with tablets, and will remove the desktop for  devices which do not need it. There is no middle ground between devices that have the Modern UI and devices that have...

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Will the next version of Windows just be called Windows?

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As Microsoft prepares to combine its Windows RT tablet operating system with Windows Phone, Microsoft executives are stuck with a tricky decision on branding for an upcoming OS that runs across both tablets and phones. Apple has iOS and Google has Android, and both operating systems run across tablets and phones instead of laptops and PCs. Microsoft has Windows RT which runs on tablets, Windows Phone for phones, and Windows 8.1 for tablets and PCs. Its a bit of a confusing mix for consumers to...

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Microsoft layoffs part deux: Coming soon

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Remember those layoffs Microsoft promised back in July? The next batch is due soon, tomorrow in fact, according to a company source, confirming what ZDNet already reported. News that the software giant needed to slim down big time first broke in late June. The actual announcement – plans to cut 18,000 people or about 15 percent of total headcount — came on July 17. About 12,500 of the jobs were axed almost immediately. Now, it looks like the next tranche happens Thursday. Microsoft...

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