MSN Messenger is finally shutting down after 15 years

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MSN Messenger started off life as a basic instant messenger without much bloat and just text communications. Microsoft gradually started improving Messenger with calling capabilities for Windows XP users. Video and audio calling was a big step for Messenger as Skype started to get popular image credit: Winsupersite. The many emoticons of MSN Messenger from back in the day image credit: Ggftw.

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MSN Messenger to end after 15 years

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Microsofts Windows Live Messenger will be switched off in China in October, marking a final end to the 15 year old service. Originally known as MSN Messenger, it was launched in 1999 but was switched off for most users in 2013, after Microsoft bought rival Skype. Users in China continued to use the old service but will now be transferred to Skype by 31 October. Windows Live still had as many as 330 million users as recently as 2009. But those numbers later declined, while users of Skype rose to...

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Microsoft's new Lumia 730 and 735 revealed in leaked images

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Earlier this month, images were leaked that gave us our first good look at the upcoming Lumia 730. Known alsoby its internal development codename, 'Superman', the 730 has also come to be referredto as Microsoft selfie phone, as the device is said to feature a high quality 5 megapixel front facing camera. Today, more images have surfaced of the new handset via Tieba Baidu, giving us a much clearer look at its design. But the mid range device is expected to feature some pretty decent specs...

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Microsoft built a 'working' Surface Pro 3 out of cardboard

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Microsoft has created a cardboard replica of its Surface Pro 3 tablet. It might not be as impressive as the giant Surface tablet the company erected in London last year, but the cardboard version has its very own working display. A small section lights up to show off the specs of Microsoft latest tablet, powered by a low res MP4 player. The software maker has been sending its cardboard Surfaces to various schools in Australia as part of a marketing effort to mark the launch of the Surface Pro 3...

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While Windows 8 powered laptops have been pushing display resolutions higher and higher, theres been one piece of desktop software that has lagged behind: Google Chrome. Despite updating Chrome for Mac to support the first Retina MacBook Pro after just a month, Google has taken around two years to bring full support to Windows. Chrome for Windows users have had to settle for registry hacks, or optional flags to get various forms of high DPI support, but the latest Chrome 37 release enables it...

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Unofficial Windows XP Service Pack 4 Available for Download

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Needless to say, without updates Windows XP is becoming a relic, but the Windows community is hard at work to develop what’s currently being called the “Unofficial Service Pack 4.” Developed by Ryan VanderMeulen, who already has a good background on large pack of fixes for Windows, this new service pack includes all previously released updates for Windows XP 32 bit, as well as POSReady 2009 updates launched by Microsoft after the April 2014 retirement date. POSReady 2009 fixes...

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Windows 9: Goodbye, Charms bar, hello virtual desktops?

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Reports about the next major Windows release keep getting better and better. It looks like Microsoft has finally come to its senses and will dump the Charms bar in Windows 9 also known as Threshold slated for release next spring. Even better, Microsoft is planning a surprise for multi taskers with the addition of multiple virtual desktops. Microsoft hasnt released any official details, but multiple news sites report these changes are for real. That good news for desktop users and it also means...

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Every month, the folks over at AdDuplex release Windows Phone stats from their ad networkthatencompass 4496 apps and provides samples of the data so that the outside world can see how the Windows Phone usage share breaks down. And for the month of August, we can see that Windows Phone 8.1 continues its growth but Windows Phone 8 is still the most popular variety of Windows Phone. Watching the adoption trend of Windows Phone 8.1 should be interesting for enthusiasts to see how quickly Microsoft...

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