Leaked Windows 10 build reveals new Xbox app and Cortana integration

Posted 3 days ago ago at The Verge with 6 recent echos

Microsoft is currently readying an updated preview of Windows 10 to focus on the consumer features of the upcoming operating system. While the company plans to detail those improvements at a January press event, a consumer build 9901 has leaked out onto the web today to provide an early look at the various changes Microsoft is making. The biggest new feature since the recent technical preview is the addition of Cortana. A video demonstration leaked earlier this month, but the build itself shows...

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Countdown to 2015 + Deals with Gold

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Celebrate the Countdown to 2015 with daily and weekly deals on games and video content in the Xbox Store on Xbox One and 360 with a number of exclusive deals for Xbox Live Gold members. Sign in to Xbox LIVE or stop back here every day to see what new deals we have for you. To kick things off we have the following special offers that will go on sale tomorrow and be available at the below discount until December 22, 2014. Click the links below to see local pricing and availability:

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Hands-On with Windows 10 Build 9901

Posted 3 days ago ago at Win Super Site with 3 recent echos

As expected, this newly leaked build of Windows 10 features a ton of improvements over what we've seen officially in the Windows 10 Technical Preview. And it makes me wish we could go back to the old days of weekly builds during Windows betas. Anyway, there is a lot here. But based on just a few minutes of tooling around in the build, I can make some corrections and additions to my previous article, Windows 10 Build 9901 Leaks with Numerous Changes. There are five new wallpapers in all in...

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Microsoft brings new gestures to Lumia Windows Phones

Posted 1 day ago ago at The Verge with 2 recent echos

A new Gestures Beta app is available today for Lumia Windows Phone owners, and it lets you control phone calls in a lot of different ways. If you install the app youll be able to answer calls by simply picking up a Lumia phone and putting it to your ear, and youll also be able to mute yourself by placing your phone face down on a flat surface. If you want to ignore a call you can flip the phone so its face down, and simply placing a phone on a flat surface will put the call into speaker mode....

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Windows 10: OneDrive dives deeper into the OS

Posted 2 days ago ago at Neowin with 2 recent echos

Microsoft cloud storage service, OneDrive, is quickly becoming more than just a basic locker in the cloud. With Windows 10, Microsoft is now making it possible to store app data on OneDrive, along with other aspects of your install. Inside the 'Update and Recovery' settings tab inside Windows 10 build 9901, the 'Backup' option gives you toggles for sending data to OneDrive for, well, backup purposes. Along with app data, you can store your Start layout, passwords, favorites and...

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Skype Translator Preview: An Exciting Journey to a New Chapter in Communication

Posted 2 days ago ago at Microsoft Research News with 2 recent echos

For more than a decade, Skype has been breaking down geographical barriers to make every day audio and video communications possible. As we enter an era in which computing experiences need to be more personal, Skype has looked at ways to help communities create stronger connections and be more productive. Using innovations from Microsoft Research, Skype is now removing another barrier to make it possible for people to communicate irrespective of what language they speak. Today, we are excited to...

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What is Windows 10 fbl_awesome? You'll find out in January

Posted 2 days ago ago at Neowin with 1 recent echos

If you follow Windows 10 builds carefully, and if you are reading this post, the answer to that question is most likely, yes; then you will have noticed a new string with fbl_awesome in it. The website buildfeed.net captures all of this information and even the head of the Windows Insider program, Gabe Aul, has made references to it. Well, fbl_awesome is the Windows 10 build that Microsoft will be showing off and releasing at its January 21st event. While Microsoft isn't talking officially...

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Microsoft makes its MSN consumer apps available on iOS, Android, Amazon devices

Posted 6 days ago ago at All About Microsoft with 1 recent echos

The team inside Bing that built some of the best Metro Style Windows 8 and Windows Phone apps have ported those same apps to iOS, Android and Amazon devices, as promised. In September, Microsoft officials said to expect the handful of Bing consumer apps which Microsoft has rebranded as MSN apps to come to iOS and Android in the coming months. These touch enabled apps, which include News, Weather, Sports, Money, Health & Fitness, and Food & Drink, previously were available only for...

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