Friend of Neowin and owner of Stardock has announced Start10, a Start menu replacement for Windows 10 and we had a chance to chat with Wardell about the app and how it enhances Windows 10. Read more...

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This Week’s Deals with Gold

Posted 2 days ago ago at Microsoft Major Nelson with 1 recent echos

Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 02 March 2015. Xbox […] The post This Week’s Deals with Gold appeared first on Xbox Live's Major Nelson.

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2015 Oscars Prediction Model Navigates Backlash, Outrage, Shifting Sentiment

Posted 8 days ago ago at Microsoft Research News with 1 recent echos

Yet, as Microsoft researcher David Rothschild @DavMicRot notes, that doesn’t mean the un nominated can’t affect the Oscar winners in those “disputed” categories. “Absence in the category makes a difference in the distribution of votes for the remaining choices,” he says. Rothschild, an economist with Microsoft’s New York City research lab, specializes in predictive analytics. His model correctly predicted 21 of 24 Oscar winners last year and 19 of 24...

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Microsoft correctly predicted the top Oscars winners

Posted 3 days ago ago at The Verge with 1 recent echos

Ahead of the Oscars Microsoft shared its latest predictions, noting that most of the awards are relatively unpredictable. Microsoft uses a prediction model for the Oscars that is managed by Microsoft researcher David Rothschild over at the companys New York City research lab. Rothschild correctly predicted 21 of 24 Oscar winners last year, and 19 of 24 winners in 2013. In comparison, Vegas odds from the Wynn casino werent nearly as accurate. The Wynn predicted best picture, best actress, best...

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Microsoft rolls out free Office for students, worldwide

Posted 2 days ago ago at PC World with 1 recent echos

In 2013, Microsoft said it would offer Microsoft Office 365 to U.S. students for free, provided their schools licensed the software for faculty and staff. Now, that offer is being extended worldwide. Microsoft said Tuesday that the offer for free Office is being extended anywhere Office is available: from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, or dozens of countries around the world. As before, the school must license Office in order for its students to be eligible.  How do you check? Students can go...

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BlackBerry left on the line as UK users continue to hang up

Posted 2 days ago ago at Guardian with 1 recent echos

BlackBerry will have fewer than 1 million users outside businesses in the UK by the end of the year, a radical slump from a peak of nearly 8 million in June 2012, according to new research from two companies. The dramatic fall from grace of the iconic mobile phones, which were blamed for spreading unrest during the London riots of summer 2011 , follows a series of high profile and expensive flops – first with its PlayBook tablet and then with the touchscreen Z10 phone, as it tried to catch...

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Europol shuts down Ramnit botnet that infected 3.2m computers

Posted 1 day ago ago at Guardian with 1 recent echos

A cybercrime ring that used millions of hacked computers in Britain to steal banking information has been shut down by European police and technology companies. Europols European cybercrime centre coordinated the operation from its headquarters in The Hague, targeting the so called Ramnit botnet – a network of computers infected with malware. It worked with investigators from Britain, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands and was assisted by companies AnubisNetworks, Microsoft and Symantec, which...

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Microsoft is working on Pebble support for Windows Phone

Posted 1 day ago ago at GigaOM with 1 recent echos

Pebble application for Windows Phone. This is an internal test application to get feedback on Accessory Ecosystem Support feature in WP Blue GDR1. Fore mode details refer to https: notes 1362520 I dont have access to read the notes or to install the app. Yes, I tried. Theres no guarantee that Microsoft will ever publicly release the software, of course. But if it wants to make Windows Phone more attractive to potential buyers, it would make sense for the company to...

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