A break from the past: the birth of Microsoft's new web rendering engine

Posted 3 days ago ago at Microsoft Internet Explorer Team with 4 recent echos

As weve been rolling out these significant changes with major versions of IE, we also did our best to abide by the mantra of dont break the Web. This is an ambitious goal given that the Web consists of over 44 billion Web sites, so we prioritized compatibility testing on the Webs top 9000 Web sites globally which accounts for roughly 88% of Web traffic. This represented the sweet spot of where the head of the Web becomes the long tail – allowing us to focus our testing resources on the most...

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Windows 10 to support USB 3.1 Type-C at launch

Posted 3 days ago ago at Neowin with 3 recent echos

To no surprise, Windows 10 will support USB 3.1 Type-C, the latest USB spec that features a reversible connector and the OS will also support USB Dual Role too. Read more...

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Microsoft accidentally announces the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL

Posted 13 hours ago ago at The Verge with 2 recent echos

Microsoft is holding a press event at Mobile World Congress tomorrow morning to announce new Lumia devices, but thats not stopping the software maker from revealing things a little early. Microsofts news center accidentally published a blank article announcing the Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL, two new Windows Phone devices. Rumors have suggested Microsoft is launching two new low end devices, and the numbering scheme appears to indicate thats the plan. The Lumia 640 XL is presumably a bigger...

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AMD will skip Chromebooks until prices, features match better, CTO says

Posted 4 days ago ago at PC World with 2 recent echos

AMD microprocessors are relatively cheap and powerful, and they consume little power. So why arent they featured in the latest generation of low cost computers, Chromebooks? The answer, according to AMD chief technical officer Mark Papermaster, is that they just arent worth it—yet. You have to really look at the Chromebook, and what Googles objective with it is, Papermaster said, speaking with a small group of reporters on Monday evening during the ISSCC conference. For us, it just a business...

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Leaked 'People Sense' app is out for Windows Phone, released as SquadWatch

Posted 4 days ago ago at WinBeta with 1 recent echos

We reported earlier this month about a new location based sharing app, , coming soon too the Windows Phone platform. While it was widely believed to be a replacement for the Rooms feature on Windows 10, it seems Microsoft wanted to get it in people hands as soon as possible. The app available to download now! Although, the app no longer using the code name , you can now find the app in the Windows Phone store under SquadWatch, which as it turns out was developed under the Microsoft Garage...

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The history of Xbox Live

Posted 2 days ago ago at The Verge with 2 recent echos

It was 2005, some time before the launch of the Xbox 360. The game was a war game of sorts: They were role playing the economics and marketing of launching major video game consoles. There were two teams. One team was playing Microsoft; the other, Sony Computer Entertainment. The goal for each team: Sell more consoles than the other guys. Microsoft was about to launch its Xbox 360. Sony was planning its third PlayStation console. The two teams in Microsofts executive game pretended to make...

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Major zombie botnet forced offline

Posted 4 days ago ago at BBC with 1 recent echos

A network of computers that has spread malware to millions of machines has been shut down, police have said. The National Crime Agency NCA worked with forces across Europe to tackle servers used by the Ramnit botnet, which could be used to access sensitive information. The botnet spread malware that would give criminals control of users computers, leaving them vulnerable. Officers have urged people to check whether their computers were infected. They said about three million machines had been...

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Lenovo accused of compromising user security by installing adware on new PCs

Posted 10 days ago ago at Guardian with 1 recent echos

Lenovo, the largest PC manufacturer in world, has been accused of fatally compromising user security by installing an adware application on all its Windows computers as they leave the factory. The software, called Superfish, purports to offer users a visual search experience. In actual fact, it injects third party advertisements into Google search results and websites, without asking the user. But in order to place adverts on websites served to the user over an encrypted connection, as Google...

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