Sunset Overdrive Free for Xbox Live Gold Members this Saturday

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Beginning Saturday, November 22nd at 12.01 Eastern Time, Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One will get to play Sunset Overdrive for free for 24 hours. This is the full game; players will earn achievements and be able to save how far they progress during that 24 hour span. If you decide to purchase the game at a later point, you will be able to start again right where you left off. Sunset Overdrives 8 player cooperative multiplayer experience, Chaos Squad, will also be available for everyone...

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Interview: Dragon Age Inquisition’s Aaryn Flynn

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Interview: Dragon Age Inquisition Aaryn Flynn Dragon Age Inquisition available to play right now via the EA Access program http: Dragon Age: Inquisition is Now Available for Digital Preorder & Download on Xbox One Subscribe to the Podcast directly in iTunes MP3 Listen in iTunes? Subscribe to the Podcast directly in Zune

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PlayStation Network and Windows Live hack could be a hoax, experts say

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Hackers are claiming to have broken into the Sony PlayStation Network PSN, Microsoft Windows Live and 2K Games to leak over 5,500 usernames and passwords. The hacking group called DerpTrolling claim, on Twitter and the anonymous text sharing site Pastebin, to have broken into Sonys PSN, Microsofts Windows Live and 2K Games Studios and stolen millions of usernames and passwords. A hack of the PSN would be the third intrusion into the service since a major attack in 2011, which saw 77m accounts...

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Microsoft Adds Skype Chat to Office Online

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If you use or OneDrive, you have probably noticed that you can initiate Skype chats from their web based UIs. Well, now that capability is coming to some of Office Online—the web based versions of Microsoft popular Office applications—too. And it may make even more sense in that environment, since it enables easier real time collaboration. Microsoft calls this feature document chat, and it is available when you're collaborating with others in real time in Word and...

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Earlier today, it was revealed that Microsoft had bumped the NT Kernel version of Windows 10 from 6.4 to 10.0. WinBeta understands that this change has been apparent since build 9884, which was compiled on November 9. WinBeta confirmed earlier today when the news broke that this change was accurate, but if you were still in doubt, Microsoft has now somewhat confirmed this change in an MSDN document available to IE developers. The MSDN document is asking IE developers to begin updating if they...

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Few weeks ago, several Nokia Lumia 925 and Nokia Lumia 1020 users started to report a bug in their handsets that would freeze their device while trying to wake it up from sleep mode. The issue started only after the said devices were updated to Windows Phone 8.1. Microsoft has now acknowledged this issue, and promises to provide a fix soon. The company announced the availability of Windows Phone 8.1 in July. The update arrived on Lumia handsets as Lumia Cyan update which bundled Windows Phone...

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Many Thanks for One Year with Xbox One

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Saturday, November 22, marks the official one year anniversary of Xbox One. Its been an unbelievable year, but we never would have gotten to this point without our incredible fans. We want to thank you for being a part of an amazing 12 months by celebrating with you all weekend long. First, if youre in one of our original 13 markets and have opted in to receive Xbox Marketing emails*, youll receive a personalized email detailing what youve accomplished since Xbox One launched last November....

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Tech startup Overdog raises $1.8M to improve Xbox One matchmaking

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If you dont go online with a group of friends, youll usually end up in multiplayer matches with strangers and people you probably dont want to talk to. One startup is trying to fix that. Overdog is a new company that is priming to launch a new app on Xbox One that will match you up with people you may not hate in multiplayer games. To help bring the product to market, Overdog just closed a funding round worth $1.8 million with participation from capital firms like Atlas Venture and Chicago...

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