iCloud for Windows update means PCs can use iCloud Drive before Macs can

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If youre a Windows user with an iPhone, though, you can go ahead and pull the trigger on that iCloud Drive update now. Apple today released an updated version of the iCloud for Windows application that adds full support for iCloud Drive. Install the program and sign in, and iCloud Drive will appear in your user profile folder and your Favorites menu in Windows Explorer, much like Microsoft own OneDrive cloud storage service. This is the first opportunity that Windows users will have to view and...

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A First Look at the Windows Technical Preview

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In less than two weeks, Microsoft will begin revealing information about the Windows Technical Preview, the first pre release look at the next version of Windows. The actual Preview won't be out until October, I'm told. But there no reason to wait: Here what you're going to see. Obviously, a lot of information about the Windows Technical Preview has leaked already. But information I believe to be truly new is bolded below so you can find it more easily. Microsoft is bringing back the...

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What's new for business users in Microsoft's Office '16'?

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Microsoft is privately testing a technical preview of the next version of its Office client for Windows. Here are a few features expected to be part of Office 16. Follow @maryjofoley But a bit of information has begun to trickle out about what looks to be a private technical preview of the coming Office suite. This technical preview, which some inside Microsoft also are said to be dogfooding internally, is the touch first, Metro Style version of Office for Windows that some of us...

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Microsoft won't be live-streaming its September 30 Windows 9 event

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Microsoft is expected to take the wraps off its forthcoming desktop operating system on September 30. For those who were planning to watch the event at home, sad news, Microsoft wont be live streaming it. In a statement to WinBeta, a Microsoft spokesperson has said that the company wont be live streaming the September 30 event. 

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Finally, Xbox One Heads Out to More Markets

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If you're an Xbox fan who felt jilted by Microsoft decision last year to limit the launch of its new console to just a handful of markets, take heart: This month, Xbox One will launch in 29 additional markets, just in time for the crucial second holiday games wave. You may recall that Microsoft in 2013 decided to dramatically cut back on the number of markets in which it would launch Xbox One in 2014, stating at the time that it would expand the reach of the console in 2014. Belgium,...

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Windows Technical Preview to arrive early October, not September 30th

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Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft will not be releasing a public Technical Preview at its September 30th event. According to my sources, Microsoft will allow the press first dibs on the new bits or at least give them a very detailed look, and then release to the public a few days later for testing. The September 30th event is designed to explain what coming in Windows for Enterprises, and generally has nothing to do with consumers. The build that will be issued to the public in October will...

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Microsoft promises to bring Minecraft to Windows Phone

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Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that they would be spending $2.5 billion to acquire the studio behind the popular game, Minecraft. The game, which has millions of players and is like a modern version of Lego, cannot be played on Windows Phone. But, that is all about to change, thanks to PhilSpencer saying on Twitter that they will be bringing the popular game to their mobile platform. It really shouldn't come as a major surprise considering that the game is already on the company...

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Xbox One launch in China delayed, due before 2015

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Update on Xbox One Journey to Launch in China The Xbox team has been counting down the days to an exciting launch in China and on Monday 22nd September we will host our fans at the Oriental Pearl Tower to celebrate our journey, as we work hand in hand with our partners to bring console gaming and entertainment experiences on the biggest screen in the home. The launch of Xbox One will be a historic moment for gamers and families when Microsoft and BesTV bring the first console of its kind to...

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