Xbox Live Games with Gold for December 2014

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For the month of December, Xbox Live Gold members will receive three new free games on Xbox One and Xbox 360 as part of the Games with Gold program. On Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold members can download Worms Battlegrounds $24.99 ERP for free during the month of December.

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Web pages can be interesting, transient things; they can be there one minute and gone the next. But while a web page may vanish, that does not mean that all traces of it vanish from the internet. Earlier today an intriguing looking article popped up in my news reader there are many benefits to sticking with RSS feeds: a post on the Microsoft blog with the title blank post please delete. Authored by Rajesh Jha, my RSS reader InoReader showed that the post content was very similar to the title...

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Microsoft strategy to combat low priced Android devices appears to be paying off as vendors are now pushing down on the floor to create ridiculously low priced Windows tablets. The WinBook TW70CA17 is a 7 inch Windows 8.1 tablet and it costs $59.99. The device is on sale at MicroCenter and is good for in store pickup only. The specs, as you would expect at this price point, are entry level but include an Intel BayTrail T Z3735G 1.33GHz Quad Core CPU, HD IPS LCD 7 1280x800 display, 1GB RAM &...

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Microsoft is Opening Windows Store to Businesses

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When Microsoft first announced Windows 10 back in early October, it did so at an event that was billed as being focused on businesses. But that wasn't really the case, and most of the short launch event just highlighted some of the user interface tweaks that will make Windows great on traditional PCs again. Since then, however, Microsoft has opened up about its plans a bit more. And one of the big changes coming in Windows 10 is that the firm will allow businesses to customize Windows Store...

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Why Windows 10 isn’t version 6 any more and why it will probably work

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A long standing oddity of Windows is that its branded number has for some years now not matched the version number stamped into the kernel and other parts of the operating system. Windows 7, for example, reported itself to software as being version 6.1. Windows 8 is 6.2, and Windows 8.1 is 6.3. Current public builds of Windows 10 repeat this trend—they purport to be version 6.4—but not for much longer. Chinese site ITHome published a picture showing the version number to be 10.0. Version number...

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Windows 10 won’t be Windows 6.4

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The odd numbering scheme originates from Microsofts merging of NT and DOS based versions of Windows. It left software like Windows 2000 with the 5.0 version number after years of Windows 2.0, 3.0, 3.11, and 4.0 releases eventually merging alongside versions like Windows 95 and 98. Microsoft kept the NT numbering scheme to identify a major version to applications for compatibility. Ars Technica has a good explanation of how Microsoft is finally able to use version 10.0 instead of 6.4, allowing...

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Rovio's Angry Birds apps are free for a limited time on Windows Phone

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Angry Birds took the mobile world by storm when it was released and lately the burning desire to play this popular game has begun to wither away. Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, are offering all Angry Birds titles on Windows Phone for free for a limited time only. This means you can get popular titles like Angry Birds, Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds Star Wars, Bad Piggies, and more for free right now. Were not sure how long this offer will last but if you want to enjoy some Angry Birds action...

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Updating Integration Components over Windows Update

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Yesterday, we announced that we would be releasing updated integration components over Windows Update from now on in more details here: http: b virtualization archive 2014 11 11 hyper v integration components are available through windows update.aspx. Specifically, we announced that if you are running Windows Technical Preview server or desktop and you have virtual machines running: I setup a clean installation of Windows 7 SP1 inside a virtual machine on my Windows 10...

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