Microsoft is no longer manufacturing the Surface 2

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Microsoft Surface just had a very healthy quarter, bringing the company $1.1 billion in revenue. While we dont actually know how many units that is, Microsoft says that most of them were its newest model, the Surface Pro 3, which outsold its predecessor, the Surface 2, three to one. So it shouldnt come as too much of a surprise that Microsoft is shifting its focus to the newer version instead. Today the company said it plans to stop making the Surface 2 in favor of focusing on the Surface Pro 3....

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Eric Horvitz Receives AAAI Feigenbaum Prize; Shares Reflections On AI Research

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How do our minds work? How can our thinking, perceiving, and all of our experiences arise in networks of neurons? I have wondered about answers to these questions for as long as I can remember. Until just a few decades ago, discussions on mind and brain generally occurred within philosophy and theology. Over the last century, research in psychology, biology, and computer science has brought into focus intriguing results and directions for approaching a . We don’t have a clear understanding...

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What we know about Project Spartan: extensions and performance, yes, Windows 7, no

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At the event, Spartan new user interface was shown off. Beyond regular browser capabilities, Spartan will include Cortana integration, a note taking capability, and a reader mode. The heart of the browser is its rendering engine. Microsoft first described its new engine last year. The company isnt abandoning its Trident engine in favor of WebKit used in Safari or Blink used in Chrome and Opera. Instead, it has forked the engine to create two versions. There the legacy Internet Explorer 11 engine...

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Cyanogen Wants to Take Android From Google, and Microsoft May Help

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Cyanogen just made a powerful ally. Last Friday, Cyanogen big boss Kirt McMaster made quite the claim when introducing himself and his company at a small Next Phase of Android get together: Many of us may have laughed, nay, guffawed that a CEO, whose company very much relies on Android and Google, could make such a claim. Then yesterday, a report from The Wall Street Journal stated that Microsoft was a minority investor in a $70 million round of funding. Then suddenly, it all started to sound...

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Xbox Preview Program – Xbox One Controller Firmware update

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If you are a member of the Xbox Preview Program, I recommend you update your Xbox One controllers with the latest preview build OS version 1502.150120 which provides the following updates: – previous controller connections to an Xbox One took 4 5 seconds when powering on a controller, now they should occur in ~2 seconds – the firmware also provides a number of fixes that address issues submitted by customers and preview participants Thanks for helping make Xbox One better and better!

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There are now more than 2 million people testing Windows 10

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During the earnings call, Microsoft said that there are now more than 2 million users testing out the next version of Windows, Windows 10. This represents strong growth of interested users in the platform following the Windows 10 keynote, as it was said on that day that there were 1.7 million users in the Insider program at that time. This means that the Insider group added over 300,000 users in about six days following the keynote. The latest version of Windows 10 contains a plethora of...

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Microsoft launches first TV white space network in Africa

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Microsoft, partnering with Spectra Wireless has launched the first network that utilizes TV white spaces to bring internet in new markets. Though currently only available in Ghana, networks that utilize TV white space could become the norm in many parts of the world. They work by searching and using,TV spectrum to offer faster speeds, better reception and cheaper service. With billions of new wireless devices expected to go online in the next years spectrum crunch is a real problem, especially...

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Microsoft to invest in Cyanogen, which hopes to take Android from Google

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According to a report from Microsoft will be investing $70 million in Cyanogen, Inc., the Android ROM builder. The report says that $70 million would make Microsoft a minority investor in a round of financing that values Cyanogen in the high hundreds of millions. Cyanogen takes the Android source code and modifies it, adding more features and porting it to other devices. It has also started supplying Android builds directly to OEMs like the OnePlus One, which ship the software on devices instead...

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